Software & Technology

By connecting technology from all companies, Internusa has become the leading supplier of sophisticated software and electronics. Internusa offers a portfolio of Electronic Products and Software

Health Care & Medical

Internusa offers a variety of high-performance health care and ingredients products that help create a safer health care environment, contribute to innovation and help protect the health of patients and healthcare providers around the world. Internusa products help improve better health care.

Safety & Protection

In the face of increasing global globalization, Internusa continues to improve its material and standards that help keep us all safe in the toughest conditions.

Building & Construction

At Internusa, we focus on dynamic science which is a real-world solution for the Building & Construction Industry. Internusa shows the location of residential and commercial jobs throughout the world. We face challenges in finding and developing innovative solutions that you need in a changing world.

Individual Field Equipment

Internusa has a Dfender product, a product dedicated to the protection of life. The company will meet the best expectations of customers to provide reliable products and services. And to make the world a safer place, we promise to continue to be done throughout the world.


Internusa Pasific Perkasa

Internusa company that has leadership in the field of Suppliers and Procurement. Working together, we intend to create five strong business fields and will be more competitive than companies and well-equipped for science-driven, profitable and long-term growth. Each separation is intended to be supported by the product portfolio and capabilities of Internusa. They will make it better to continue to drive innovation to provide the best solutions for customers, and better serve people throughout the world. Our collective heritage is very impressive, but its potential is very important for companies that have great opportunities and the most important contributions will not yet come. The company will remain very committed to market-driven research and development, supported by world-class engineering capabilities that are respected to deliver different products and solutions. And each will be committed to upholding sustainability, innovation to overcome world challenges, and maintain the best safety culture in its class.


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